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Montessori Preschool | Montessori Transitional Kindergarten |  K-6 Elementary School |​​ Junior High

​​​​​Strong Catholic Identity

Models Christ-like behavior

Demonstrates knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church

Participates in liturgies, prayer, and sacraments

Respects God’s creation

Civic-Minded Individual
Participates in local and global outreach efforts
Practices responsible  citizenship
Practices decision making based on Catholic values
Demonstrates knowledge of  diverse cultural perspectives

Self-Directed Learner
Formulates good questions and knows how to  access and analyze information
Communicates effectively
Is creative, imaginative and adaptable
Takes initiative, is entrepreneurial, and works collaboratively


Academic excellence infused with Gospel values and embracing the development of the whole child are hallmarks of St Columban School. Our academic program begins with our Montessori preschool program which nurtures the individual learner and progress through to our Junior High program which prepares young men and women for success in high school.

St Columban School recognizes that the needs of students have changed and embraces the call to equip the students for their future.

America’s system of education was built for an economy and a society that no longer exists. In the manufacturing and agrarian economies that existed 50 years ago, it was enough to master the “Three Rs” (reading, writing, and arithmetic). In the modern “flat world,” the “Three Rs” simply aren’t enough. If today’s students want to compete in this global society, however, they must also be proficient communicators, creators, critical thinkers, and collaborators (the “Four Cs”

We embrace a standards based education and seek to challenge all students. We offer a technology infused education with a 1:1 iPad program in grades 3-8 and a cart of iPads and a cart of Chromebooks to be used with the lower grades.

More important than the actual devices however is our commitment to the  integration of technology within the curriculum and the focus on assuring that the students of St Columban School not only excel in the four C’s – communication, creativity , critical thinking and collaboration- but that they are compassionate individuals who lead by example.

The staff is actively involved in dialogue about best practice and we see ourselves as life long learners, who always seek to grow and provide a relevant and rigorous curriculum for the students of St Columban School.  St Columban School is committed to excellence is all facets of the educational program and is supported by the active involvement of our parents and parish. ​​